The Committee decided that creating a Non-profit Organization (Italian Onlus, “Associazione non lucrativa di utilità sociale”) was the best solution in order to take advantage of all the accessible benefits inherent to this cause. The Organization will try to obtain help from the European Union and Private Bodies who are interested in this cause.

Though San Rufino’s Church is under the ecclesiastic jurisdiction of the Archdiocese of Genoa, as it is located in the Province of Alessandria, the Non-profit Organization hopes to be eligible to get help from the Piedmont Regional Bodies. In a press release broadcasted by the Giunta Regionale of Turin (a Regional Government Body) on 8th October 2012 the following was said about the Region’s «Cultural and Religious Heritage»: «The Piedmont region and the Piedmont Episcopal Conference will continue to safeguard the cultural and religious heritage owned by ecclesiastic institutions. Thus the provincial councillor recommended a new protocol of agreement which has been approved and will be signed shortly».

The Non-profit Organization applied for private loans in various banks and Regional Bodies.

The first and most important funding received so far, which has the project to continue is that granted by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio of Turin (CRT),

a non-profit private body which pursues social aims and works to boost the economy by using all its resources to aid scientific research, education, art, conservation and safeguarding of socio-environmental and cultural heritages, the health system and those in need. The 15.000 Euros was received after a financial request was made, with the projects carried out by the architects Varese as evidence. It was subsequently approved by the Superintendence of Archaeological and natural Heritage of the Novara, Alessandria and Verbano-Cusio-Ossola provinces.


«Outcomes Restauri – Cantieri Diffusi 2012 (2nd deadline, 30 september 2012)

Restauri Cantieri Diffusi is a project aimed at recovering historical and artistic heritages belonging to the Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta regions. It does so through financing the restoration of movable and immovable property, safeguarded under the law  D. Lgs 22/01/2004 –  of the “Codice dei Beni culturali e del Paesaggio” (“Cultural and Natural Heritage of artistic and monetary value Code”), for which restoring projects have been issued within a year and authorised by the Superintendence.

Beneficiaries: Organisations, Parishes, local bodies, religious institutions, diocese (N.B. Cathedrals are not taken into consideration).

Field: Art and Culture



Funding destined to the restoration of the Rectory and the artistic décor of San Rufino’s Church in Cerendero».

This first contribution will allow the construction and restoring of the artistic décor of San Rufino’s Church to begin to take place. As outlined in the funding request application form ‘scaffolding will be put in place, underpinning will begin, the roof will be demolished and replaced by a temporary corrugated aluminium roof”. This work will be carried out while waiting for the permission and funding to begin the other necessary work to the other parts of the Church.

The estimated expenses will cover:

  • Restoration and restructuring of the building;
  • Cost of materials and equipment;
  • Cost of personnel and agencies.


On 8 July 2013 it was reported the allocation of new funding for the Project “Operation San Rufino” provided by the Foundation CARIGE, destined to the restoration of the Rectory and the artistic décor of San Rufino’s Church in Cerendero.
Logo Fondazione Carige


CRT and CARIGE are supporting us… What are you waiting for? Support our project!



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