Mission and Objectives

The Non-profit Organization’s aim is to save and restructure the entire edifice, in the hope that it will become not only a valuable asset for the Valley, especially in its role of millenary religious building, but also a cultural calling point for people, in the form of a Multi-purpose Centre. The Non-profit Organization aims to engage in an eco-friendly construction project so that the beautiful natural heritage of the area will not be damaged.

San Rufino’s Church, with his impressive rural and mountain setting is an extraordinary example of not only the historical, cultural, and artistic heritage of the country, but also of the beautiful landscapes that are present throughout Italy, which if adequately looked after could help rebuild the economy.

The conditions of the building are regretful and the risk of collapse is great. There is an enormous need for  rapid technical interventions to prevent the edifice falling to the ground. A thousand years after it was first built at the end of the1800, the edifice as we know it today was reconstructed under the supervision of the Priest Don Agostino Tambutto, with the help of the Church goers (mostly humble farmers), who generously contributed though they were very poor. The past sets an important example: San Rufino’s Church was built despite of the lack of resources at the time, therefore restructuring it should not be seen a problematic and expensive task, but as a great opportunity for the entire Valley.


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