Thanks to Mons. Carlo Canepa (The Non-profit Organization’s Advisor), in the summer of 2009 the enterprise “Borghi Drill” carried out a technical survey led by the geologist Walter Finco, in order to verify the conditions of the grounds upon which the Church was built. Another geological survey (which was required to be carried out since the 1970s) took place in the surrounding areas of the Church to rule out whether construction could take place. The results showed that construction was feasible.

The Architect Giovanni Battista Varese (technician for the Curia of Genoa), provided for the planning materials such as the plans of the Church as well as rather precise 3D designs of the building free of charge, based on the results of the surveys which have been carried out so far. However, since the Church is at risk of collapsing, it is very difficult to obtain enough information in order to fully assess the construction planning.

The Non-profit Organization with the help of the Architect Varese, elaborated a reconstruction and reconversion planning project of the whole Church, taking in consideration the original structure of the building, as well as the socio-environmental context of the surrounding area of High Borbera Valley where the edifice is located. A plan for the Church to generate income has been taken into consideration, so that upon completion the Church will be economically independent. The Rectory could for example become a Lodging Facility (with a Museum and a Multi-purpose Room on the ground floor) perfect for Scouts Groups who want to explore the Apennine area of the Liguria and Piedmont regions during week-ends. The lodging facility could also become a summer camp accommodation for longer stays. Since the facility would be managed independently, the cost will not be excessive. The structure could similarly become a community centre for those who seek God, or simply a place of meditation, since the demand for such a structure is rather high (cfr.Nota CEI 2003, n.28 «luoghi di spiritualità, centri di accoglienza e di ricerca nella fede»).

Among the ideas for the conversion advanced by the Steering Committee of the “Operation San Rufino” Onlus no shortage of proposals to a social benefit from humanitarian and human even more meaningful and practical case in which all are called to contribute.

One such site, duly restored, is well fit to host a “Family House”, a “Welcome Center / Rehabilitation Center” to use young, the marginalized, the elderly and people suffering from physical and mental discomfort.

Another nourished “population”, which is currently vulnerable, with great needs that lives in our country is that of migrants. Even against them, the project “Operation San Rufino” could be a significant opportunity for integration / qualification / protection of human dignity.

All these hypotheses re-use of canonical structure would lend themselves to a further possibility of “re human”, as re-entry into employment for ex-prisoners, another category of so-called “last” in the social fabric, with the support of organizations of humanitarian terms, even international.

We would like to give many the opportunity to contribute to a project “uplifting” …

Do not miss the opportunity!

Other solutions which could also receive financial support from Banks, Regional Bodies, Private Organisations and other Authorities are currently being considered.

The main priority is to begin the restructuring of the building: the removal of debris, piling, scaffolding, wall stabilisation, construction of the roof and foundations, binding and the final touches. An estimate cost for the aforementioned work is 400.000 euros. The basement and attic in the Rectory could also be restructured. Furthermore the neighbouring buildings of the Church should similarly be modernised so that Church will be able to use them. The Superintendence, the Sostentamento Clero (a Regional Religious Body), as well as Regional Administrative Bodies may well provide great help with the aforementioned plans.

Please find attached some of the architect G.B. Varese’s designs in PDF format (the designs are subject to copyright law).

3D Chiesa di San Rufino Cerendero esterno1

3D Chiesa di San Rufino Cerendero esterno2

3D Chiesa di San Rufino Cerendero esterno3

3D Chiesa di San Rufino Cerendero interno1

3D Chiesa di San Rufino Cerendero interno2

3D Chiesa di San Rufino Cerendero interno3

3D Chiesa di San Rufino Cerendero interno4

3D Chiesa di San Rufino Cerendero sezione1

3D Chiesa di San Rufino Cerendero sezione2


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