San Rufino’s Church

Panorama - La chiesa di San Rufino

The mediaeval Church of San Rufino in Cerendero (Alessandria Province- Genoa Archdiocese) is neglected and in a state of deterioration. Though some quick repairs have been carried out, it risks collapsing completely. This impressive building is an emblematic place in terms of history, culture and local anthropology, and it deserves to be safeguarded along with its impressive natural environment, as they define the roots, memories and identity of Cerendero.

Non-profit “San Rufino’s Project”


This Non-profit Organization (Italian Onlus) aims to safeguard the historical, artistic, cultural and natural heritage linked to neglected San Rufino’s Church, which in its state of deterioration is seen as social and environmental damage to the splendid High Borbera Valley. The initiative to restructure the millenary building aims to create a vital and efficient microcosm that will have a positive impact on the Valley in terms of image development and profitability.

Shake off the indifference!


The neglect and deterioration of San Rufino’s Church are a result of a lack of interests form individuals over the years. Help us shake off the indifference! We would like to thank in advance those who would like to help us, even with just suggestion, proposals and technical advice concerning the project and the reconstruction of the edifice. All partners (Private Citizens, Enterprises, Entities and Institutions) will be especially thanked for their contributions to the Project in terms of funding, advice and help with planning.