Shake off the indifference!

The regretful conditions in which San Rufino’s Church and its surrounding area are in, are the result of the complete and widespread indifference people have towards it, which with time has undermined the stability of the building (still standing to this day, despite the fact that it was deemed already lost) as well as irreparably damaged some of the fantastic artistic décor of the Church and polluted the surrounding environment of the High Borbera Valley (AL).

The eloquent and regretful present conditions of the building are proof of how indifference has a negative impact on things, leading to a state of neglect which has disastrous consequences. So..

Shake off the indifference!

Support our project to restore and reopen the edifice.

Your contributions will help us safeguard San Rufino’s Church and its beautiful surrounding area, giving the valley its pride back.

Generosity is a priceless reward.




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