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Time has come to start caring, don’t hesitate! We would like to thank in advance those who would like to help us, even by making suggestion, proposals and offering technical advice concerning the project and the reconstruction of the edifice. In this manner we can put a stop to the indifference which has been on-going for all these years.  Moral support is also greatly appreciated.

Our website, available in two languages, displays clearly all the initiatives undertaken by the Non-profit Organization “Operazione San Rufino” (San Rufino’s Project, an Italian Onlus), in their objective to save the artistic, cultural and natural heritage linked to San Rufino’s Church. All the initiatives (related to other co-operating institutions, fund-raising activities carried out in occasion of festivities, campaigns, seminars, conferences, cultural events and several others) which the committee considers useful in order to gain further financial help and support from the media the survival of this project, are outlined in on our web page.Autunno nebbia

The construction plan of the Church will be adequately amplified and maximised, through carefully planned strategic marketing interventions of telematics nature.  All partners (Private Citizens, Enterprises, Entities and Institutions) will be especially thanked on this website page and through other medias for their contributions to the project in terms of funding, advice and help with planning, which will bring concrete progress to the construction project.



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