Nature and landscapes

The extraordinary landscapes of the High Valley include a suggestive variety of natural environments. The few fields that are still cultivated near the villages are surrounded by grass meadows, pastures and woods. There are various steep trails through the woods, where people like to go hiking, horse trekking, ride their motorbikes and drive their land rovers. Where reforestation is taking place fir, pine groves, beech trees, can be found, as well as vast areas of mixed forest with a high manifestation of chestnut trees, oak trees, ash trees, hornbeam tress, hazelnut trees.

The purity of the waters that go through the extraordinary Borbera Valley and surrounding areas means that there is a high amount of fauna present: mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds migrating and nesting, and ichthyic fauna in particular. Wolves have also reappeared in the Apennines and are often seen in the area.

Mont'Ebro nebbia

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