The School

A room within the shop was used as a canteen for the primary school children of the village. Until the 60s, students attended the school located in the adjoining rooms of the Church, and Mrs Assunta was in charge of the cooking. Until 1966, the children were taught by various teachers, the majority of which were females (as it was the norm mountain locations). They carried out their work with devotion (with the same effort that they would put into missionary work), in spite of the serious problems that still afflicted rural areas in the 1950s, such as the unsuitable classroom conditions (in Cerendero’s case, lacking proper lighting and heating: the class was mostly heated through a wood stove, for which the pupils brought logs from home). Another serious issue was the difficulty that some children encountered in attending school as many among them had to grow up too fast in a world where misery was substantially a way of life that they faced with remarkable determination. Every year, the pupils of the only mixed class went on a so-called “school trip” to the Bell Tower of the Church, where the view of the mountains and pasture of the surrounding valley could be enjoyed.

San Fermo neve

 Today, the old classroom is in a state of despair, similarly to Assunta’s shop. It has been completely abandoned, is covered in thorns and has been subject to vandalism as well as weathering and erosion.


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